This website is maintained and operated by Crypto Sports.

We collect and use some personal data that belongs to those who use our website. In doing so, we act as the controller of this data and are subject to the provisions of Federal Law n. 13.709/2018 (General Law on Personal Data Protection - LGPD).

We take care of the protection of your personal data and, therefore, we provide this privacy policy, which contains important information about:

Who should use our site

What data do we collect and what do we do with it

Your rights in relation to your personal data

How to contact us

1. Who should use our website

Our website should only be used by persons over the age of eighteen. Therefore, children and teenagers should not use it.

2. Data we collect and reasons for collection

Our website collects and uses certain personal data of our users, in accordance with the provisions of this section.

2.1. Personal data expressly provided by the user

We collect the following personal data that our users expressly provide to us when using our website:

Full name



Phone number

Home address


The collection of these data takes place at the following times:

When the user will make the purchase within our website.

The data provided by our users is collected for the following purposes:

So that the user can purchase our products and services

So that the user can contact our Customer Service

So that we can ship our products to registered users

So that we can get in touch and send you news, newsletters and other information that is of interest to the user.

2.2. Personal data obtained in other ways

We collect the following personal data from our users:

IP address

geolocation data

Financial transaction data made within our website

The collection of these data takes place at the following times:

When the user logs in and logs out of the site

When the user makes a purchase

When the user clicks on a product or service

These data are collected for the following purposes:

Ensure the security and authenticity of transactions made on the website

Comply with the legal determination of storage of application access records

Customize the user experience

2.3. sensitive data

The website may collect the following sensitive data from users:

biometric data

The collection of sensitive data takes place at the following times:

The biometrics of the user's face are collected when they register on the website

The user's finger biometrics are collected when they register on the website

These data are collected for the following purposes:

Biometric data is collected to ensure the security of transactions carried out by the user, in conjunction with 2FA.

The collection and use of sensitive personal data will only be carried out with the specific and highlighted consent of its holders, except, as the case may be, in cases where the General Data Protection Law allows the processing of this type of data based on legal bases other than consent.

In any case, the processing of sensitive personal data will only take place to meet specific purposes expressed in this policy or duly informed to the user by other means.

2.4. Data collection not expressly provided

Occasionally, other types of data not expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy may be collected, provided they are provided with the user's consent, or even if the collection is permitted based on another legal basis provided for by law.

In any case, the data collection and the processing activities arising from it will be informed to the website's users.

3. Sharing personal data with third parties

We share some of the personal data mentioned in this section with third parties.

The shared data are as follows:

These data are shared for the following reasons and for the following purposes:

Sharing occurs so that we can be in the best possible way with government agencies, as well as for the safety of the user.

In addition to the situations reported here, it is possible that we share data with third parties to comply with any legal or regulatory determination, or even to comply with an order issued by a public authority.

In any case, the sharing of personal data will comply with all applicable laws and rules, always seeking to guarantee the security of our users' data, observing the technical standards used in the market.

4. How long will your personal data be stored

The personal data collected by the website are stored and used for a period of time that corresponds to what is necessary to achieve the purposes listed in this document and that takes into account the rights of its holders, the rights of the control