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Best soccer player of the World in 1994

The King of the penalty area will now have his moments immortalized in NFT.


The best player of all times inside of the penalty area. Ruled the art of scoring goals and igniting the crowd. One of the rare soccer players in history to score more then 1000 goals.

In may 20 of 2007, in his hometown, Rio de Janeiro, Romário was making the world stop. The thousandth goal would brilliantly close a victorious career, full of titles and records that would leave the 'shorty' recorded forever in the highest places of the world of soccer. And so it was done. He converted the penalty, hugged the ball, received an affectionate hug from his mother, Dona Lita, and while still on the field, he gave the ball to his son, Romarinho.

Source: Globo Esporte

Ball of

1000° Goal

The ball was kept under 7 keys for 14 years.

And now, it became NFT. And it can be yours.


You will have access to exclusive NFTs of the main sport idols.



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Paulo Roberto Falcão


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